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-Guy Shepherd

Both will be better served if you see the other as a “cell mate.” When you say, “I do” say it to your soulmate.

I have made a study of marital bliss and would like to share with you some of my key findings:

When a man gets down on bended knee, proposes and the woman says, “yes,” it’s because both believe they will be happier bonded to each other than facing the world alone. Pursuits of happiness and the pursuit of love are easily conflated in the Planned Man’s mind.

Yet the words “happy” and “happiness” don’t show up in marital vows. Of course, you give the nod to love—but with a single vow, it’s no longer conditional; it’s an unconditional part of a sacred contract.

The serious words follow: “honor,” “cherish” then you step around all the contingencies and say adios to wiggle-room—“in good times and bad,” “in sickness and health” and finally, “until death do us part”—because this is solemn, sobering stuff.



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