Guy’s Must Watch Movies: Men That Will Make You Proud
By Guy Shepherd
Guy’s Must Watch Movies: Men That Will Make You Proud

Here are Guy’s top movies that show characters of men that will make you proud. Men that will make you proud, men of character. What is a good man? A man does the right thing. A man that shows up and stands up tall at life’s curtain calls. What’s the right thing? The value of film is that you can see ideal expressed for yourself. The idea of something dramatically captured and expressed.


IMDB: (7.4/10) Rotten Tomatos (97%)

Is a story of adolescent becoming a man can that you can be counted on. This you man predictable is that he has the courage to follow his convictions. This boy is not Angel. He makes his own judgments. Assumes, a level of risk that you wouldn’t want. But if he did, you’d be proud of how he comported himself. TK is Tom Sawyer of a boy who understands what it to be friend and the requirements of honor. Being man in the making—comes with responsibility, and standing up for what one sees as right—is the path. This young man, TK stars along Matthew McConaughey and Bryce Witherspoon—and shines the brightest.

Scent of a Woman 

IMDB: (8.0/10) Rotten Tomatos (89%)

This movie ought to be required watching for all men and institutions that maketh men. One of Al Pacino’s best performance and Chris O’Donnel’s best. Sometimes institution’s that purport to maketh men—choke the noble, manly spirit that they should be fanning. Forcing men to bend the knee and become a crippled soul as a price of admission to the club and its benefits. This movie shows what a non-amputated spirt acts like and its value in the world where it is not valued as much as it should.

Cinderella Man 

IMDB: (8.0/10) Rotten Tomatos (80%)

Russel Crow gives a knockout performance of a American Boxer, TK—who shows the dignity of work, providing for ones one’s family, accepting help when needed, and playing it forward when no longer. This is a case study in manly, democratic pride. Once upon a time, this captured

Brian Song 

IMDB: (7.5/10) Rotten Tomatos (92%)

This is one of my favorite movies. It’s account of friendship that transcends the color barrier, the genuine spirit of competition among men, and defiance in the face of injury—are so beautifully express and whose values are needed at scale.

42: Jackie Robinson 

IMDB: (7.5/10) Rotten Tomatos (81%)

“Luck is the residue of design:—said Branch Rickey, Manager of TK, and who was responsible signing Jackie Robinson and opening up baseball, America’s pastime. Undeniable talent is undeniable. Being a good man who models the better Angels of our nature, under adversity and injustice, with undeniable talent breaks down the barriers of race and open hearts and minds. Like Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson shows a 19th path to a better, more consistent America.