The Guy List: Dadi & Legacy
By Guy Shepherd

Who's your dadi? Ours is Dadi, Inc., a provider of secure, simple sperm storage systems.

The Guy List: Dadi & Legacy


Masturbation is such a waste! All those little swimmers down the drain, or where ever...

But their are companies out there offering to save what you're flushing away...just in case...

Why the folks at Dadi and Legacy are like one of us:

Here at PM, one of our core missions is to be a driving force behind what our own Guy Shepherd calls the “second sexual revolution,” which he describes like this:

We’d like to make a broader appeal to men and to the women who love men. We think men should seriously start thinking about getting a vasectomy at 18.  And just as with a tattoo, you can get one earlier with a parental waiver.

Guy, have you lost your mind?  Nope.

Before you get the V, we recommend—and so will any good doctor—that you fill a cup or three of your best swimmers at the peak of their power and put them in a secure freezer.

Dadi and Legacy are the two leading providers of the spank-bank services you need to keep your swimmers safely stored away and healthy for the future, when you are ready to shoulder the responsibilities of being a father and bringing children into the world.

Are you now asking, “But why do we need a second sexual revolution?

In the same PM article, Guy explains it this way:

The pursuit of pleasure does not always end well. “Oops! I’m pregnant” is a statement with real personal consequences for your life and for the lives of others.

– Guy Shepherd

“Men have outsourced their contraceptive responsibility to women for too long. Truth be told, men have been free-riding on their ladies’ sacrifice, and it’s not working out well for us—PM’s aim is to make a business discipline out of telling it.

“The PM’s purpose is revolutionary. Our goal is to inaugurate the second phase of the sexual revolution, where men and women are equal partners in reproductive responsibility. What is great for us as men has a dramatic upside for women, like the pill. In business speak, this is a win-win.”

Enter Jill Filipovic, over at the Guardian, who agrees with Guy:

She sums her views up this way:

“The contraception gap is one of the most striking and persistent gender inequities. While close to 100% of American women take steps, at some point in their lives, to prevent pregnancy, the vast majority of them shoulder that burden alone.”

And Guy adds the PM perspective on Jill’s column here in his PM article “A Win-Win-Win Solution for Men, Women and Society“:

Presently, there are 500,000 men who elect to have a vasectomy every year.  If men were better sports this number would be a multiple of that.”

– Guy Shepherd

“The Guardian just published a wonderful piece by a female author calling for feminists of the world to unite and promote the cause of men getting vasectomies.  Her reasoning is solid.  The pill is great and all, but it is shouldered exclusively by women and leaves them in control of which direction your life will take once the fun is over. It makes perfect sense that after you have decided that you don’t want any more children, it’s a smart move to have a V — for your sake and for your partner’s health. Presently, there are 500,000 men who elect to have a V every year.  If men were better sports this number would be a multiple of that.”

Watch Guy laugh his way through a painless, five-minute vasectomy on camera; then go get one yourself. You can send us the video if you want.

Where to find out more about Dadi, Legacy, and how to get your own vasectomy:

To find out more about freezing your sperm: Dadi and Legacy.

To find out more about PM’s recommended form of vasectomy, a no-scalpel vasectomy like Guy got: “The Case for a No-Scalpel Vasectomy

To find out more about how a vasectomy reversal works, see PM’s story: “One Man’s Story: ‘I took a mulligan on my vasectomy and got my third child.’



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