Poke, Freeze and Thaw is Cheaper than the Pill!
By Guy Shepherd

PM breaks it down for you: One of the best investments you can make for yourself as a man is to put some of your sperm in the deep freeze, and then get a vasectomy.

Poke, Freeze and Thaw is Cheaper than the Pill!


Do the math on both your happiness and your fertility...

...and you'll quickly see that when it comes to a vasectomy and sperm storage, the more you spend the more you save.

On the testing and storage front there is a competitive marketplace and options to choose from. All reviewed market players are listed below. Two stand out—Legacy and Dadi —for ease, transparency and price—and fit perfectly with PM’s vision to make having children a deliberate act.

We at PM are pro family. As anyone will attest who has tried having kid it does not always happen on your first try. This factual data point is behind our roll-the-dice pursuit of pleasure. The odds of having a child are 20% by nature and 18% by science. The basic rule of thumb for the establishment of science is that every sample has enough material for a child. 

Legacy gives four tries per sample and Dadi gives three tries per sample. The huge kicker is Legacy’s 50-year plan for the freezing and storage of your seed; this is a mother and third-wife approved number. It’s also ambitious, since the Guiness Book of World Records reports that the oldest sperm used in successful IVF treatment was 27 years, 195 days old.

For those worried about a power outage, hurricane or tsunami, Legacy splits the ice trays between two hardened ice buckets—one in the United States and the other in Switzerland.

Hilariously, Legacy offers two DNA tests on top of the testing it does to to determine number, speed and shape of your swimmers with all its samples. It’s a classic upsell. You don’t need it. 

Dadi is a little cheaper than Legacy—but it lacks a couple of features—yet still provides everything a Planned Man needs. Say you are in your 20’s and all you want 25 years—you can save a few bucks. Also, the contribution cup is pretty high tech. 

Either route is cool. It depends how you are when you are making this decision. If it’s a bar mitzvah, high school, or college graduation present, Legacy gives the recipient a lifetime of time. If you are in your mid-twenties to thirty—do the math and do what’s in your best interest.

What is most interesting about all this: the price point!

This is cheaper. Better. No pain. All gain. When women find out about this, they are going to like it, but it’s also true that it’s hard to read a woman’s mind. I’ve given up trying. I just try not to piss them off. But on this front, we know the International Society for Sexual Satisfaction did a study of men—and the women in their lives—both before and after a vasectomy. All the women in the control group were on the pill.

Satisfaction: 93% for men; 97% for women. Men like the procedure but women like it more. Post operative satisfaction reported significant (.05/95%) increase in desire, arousal, organism, lubrication, and satisfaction.

It’s a no-brainer. Give a little get a lot. There are few relational trades with such an upside.

I am in my 50s—so the seed that I harvested is for educational purposes only. (I should have done this earlier. I’m like Abraham getting a circumcision at a late hour. It’s not good form to recommend something you are unwilling to do yourself. Legacy’s 50-year plan is a couple of decades more than I need. I am using Dadi as a test. Shep is also filling up a cup for the cause. It will provide a good cross-comparison of a Shepherd in his prime and a Shepherd ready for pasture. 

More to come on the subjects.

Best, Guy


Immediate Up Costs:

Vasectomy $590
3 kits and 1 year of storage $595
Total $1185


Vasectomy $590
3 Samples-3 to more potential pregnancies and 50 years in the freezer. $3,995
Artificial Insemination (AI) $2,000
Total $6,085

Storage Facilities:

The two top companies—discussed above— are Legacy and Dadi

Others are:

ReproTech, Ltd. (RTL) supports a network of top fertility centers specializing in the treatment of infertility. Specimens are shipped to ReproTech for long-term cryostorage at one of its four facilities. To locate the nearest member of the Fertility Preservation Network, go to www.reprotech.com or call 888-953-9669.

Xytex Corporation (www.xytex.com), headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, with additional offices in Atlanta and Raleigh.

CryoChoice is based in Atlanta. To learn more, visit www.cryochoice.com or call 800-619-7869.