Planned Manswers: What if I forgot to start saving for retirement?
By The Editors

Ever notice how nobody saves for the past? The future is what savings is all about.

Planned Manswers: What if I forgot to start saving for retirement?


Everything changes, Like, right now, you're young, healthy and making money...

Eventually, you'll be old, sick and broke. The only way out? Start saving for tomorrow today.

Hey PM, I’ve got a problem.

When I ask Google for this:

What I get is this:

But I don’t want 50 million results in .63 seconds! I just want you to tell me what I need to know.


1. Here are two little secrets you need to know:

2. And here are three more little secrets you need to know:

  • The worst thing you can do today for your retirement? Nothing!

The worst thing you can do today for your retirement? Nothing!

  • If you don’t start working on your retirement today you are a dumbass, because today is the day we gave you this hefty kick in the ass.
  • Odds are if you do nothing about your retirement today, you’re probably going to ignore it again tomorrow and the day after and the day after. And a year from now, you’re going to be even more screwed than you are today because procrastinating is only going to make things worse, so why not suck it up and face reality today and get started?

3. So here’s how we recommend that you get started:

  • Take stock of what you’ve got. You may have more than you think.
  • Make a plan. Yeah, it sucks, but your life in the future depends on it.
  • Turn saving for retirement into a game. And then play to win.
  • Don’t. Stop. Ever. You’re not done until you’re dead. Which is good news, since financial planning and saving is now one of your greatest healthy habits.

4. Part of getting started is starting an IRA, and even opening a savings account if you don’t already have one. Here are some recommendations on where to go:

For savings accounts:

We did a Google search for “banks with best new account bonuses” and here are some of the best offers according to Forbes, Business Insider and NerdWallet. Of course, as you consider these offers, make sure you consider things like minimum deposits and balances, and monthly fees:

  • Citibank: Up to $1,500 bonus
  • PNC Bank – Up to $400 bonus
  • TD Bank: Up to $300 bonus
  • Investors eAccess – Up to $250 bonus
  • Monifi Spend Balance – $250 bonus
  • Discover – Up to $200 bonus
  • Huntington Bank – Up to $200 bonus
  • Alliant Credit Union – $100 bonus

For IRAs:

These are the best places to go to open an IRA, according to Forbes and US News and Money:

All three publishers
Two publishers
One recommendation:
Charles Schwab
Ally Invest


American Funds
Equity Trust Company
Interactive Brokers
Merrill Edge
Northwestern Mutual
Personal Capital


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