Playing a Flavor of Hard-to-Like that is Hard-to-Dislike
By Guy Shepherd

It’s time to rediscover Tucker Max—no, seriously.

Playing a Flavor of Hard-to-Like that is Hard-to-Dislike

Maybe like you, I’m rediscovering Tucker Max. Once known as a man who made a living by pronouncing himself an asshole.

Today’s issue theme is “Men who play a version of hard-to-like that is hard-to-dislike.”

Tucker’s always been an outlier who took He’s Just Not That Into Youto let-me-introduce-you-to-my-penis proportions: he’s Eric Stratton, frat rush chairman; he’s the wrangler of “Girls Gone Wild;” he’s the pop-psychologist of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.  In other words, he became infamous by pretending to be the beating pulse in repulsive.

If you are presently in a fraternity—and you feel you’re being persecuted—Blame Tucker Max.

Tucker should qualify as a poster-boy for the #MeToo movement.  But it would also be fair to say this jester contributed to it. If you are presently in a fraternity—and you feel you’re being persecuted—blame Tucker Max.   I thought he’d be in witness protection, but he is killing it again.

Has marriage, kids or therapy made Tucker a better man? It appears so.  Let’s rediscover him together.

  • If you are looking for a mea culpa, you might find it in his “Lessons Learned.”
  • He writes about his business. Is it any good? Is he playing to a demographic (boys-to-recently married with young children)? Speaking to his past and his present? He appears to be shit diaper, deep in the “civic puberty” phase of manly development.  Marriage and Children Maketh Men.
  • He writes about drugs under the banner of therapy. (That is marketing!) Take note of this link: therapy is photography. People claim anything is therapy. I will qualify this one, since I reviewed the book from by the guys who wrote Drug Use for Grownups.
  • Don’t worry. Tucker is still a man of fraternal spirit. You can follow him on his “Fratire” page—where we discover fratire is not just a speech impediment. It’s nature. I’ve asked my son, Ryan Shepherd—let’s call him “Shep”—to bookmark this page and come back with a social report.

I don’t believe Andy Dworkin—author of “Lululemon Goes Big”—is related to inequity-feminist Andrea Dworkin. (Our editors are being cheeky.) This will be stored under “AnyManAmongUs” after today. Don’t waste your time Googling Andy Dworkin, as I did.

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We are interested in hearing your thoughts. So think— then drop us a note!

Best, Guy


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