Of Mice Vasectomies and Men
By AnyManAmongUs

Whether you're a man or a mouse, it's all the same to a good vasectomy doc.

Of Mice Vasectomies and Men


Want to learn how to go 'hands on' with mouse vasectomies?

Start by thinking small — really small. Squint even.

It all started with some small-talk at a party.

My wife asked a woman she’d just met, “So, what do you do?”

The woman giggled and replied, with a straight face, “I give vasectomies to mice.”

I wandered up just then, to find out what the two women were laughing about.

And the next thing you know, like a lab mouse, I was signing up for a vasectomy too, because I figured that if they could give millions of tiny little mice tiny little mouse vasectomies with production-line precision…well, how hard could it be to get it right for me?

Then, a few weeks after I went under the knife, I ran into Guy Shepherd at a party and we were both laughing as I told him about the mice and my own vasectomy.

He stopped laughing, looked me in the eye, and said:

“If you did it, and all those mice do it…there’s no reason why I can’t do it, too.”

“You know I’ve got to do this too, right? We talk about vasectomy on PM all the time. But I never done it because, frankly, I am afraid of all the same stuff other guys are. But if you did it, and all those mice do it…there’s no reason why I can’t do it too.”

Of course, here at PM we have always been big believers in vasectomies, and you can read why here and here and here.

But until my wife met the mouse vasectomist, none of us here realized that beyond human vasectomy, there is a very large and profitable mouse vasectomy business.

I find that reassuring, and I think you should too.

Charles River, for example, is a leading provider of mice with vasectomies and as a company their impact on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries is significant:

Vasectomies for mice are also at the core of significant non-profit scientific and health research by organizations like The Jackson Laboratory, where they not only perform vasectomies on mice for other labs, but they also teach others the techniques required to perform mice vasectomies and offer scholarships for their courses offered around the world. Imagine that: travel to Paris on scholarship…to attend your own mouse vasectomy class at the Sorbonne! All in English, of course.

Once again, I found all this reassuring before my own vasectomy.

So what about you?

Are you ready to join the brotherhood of “the cut”?