Google: How vaping might save you, if it doesn’t kill you.
By The Editors

According to Google, vaping will either help you live longer, or kill you. Advice like that may not help you decide whether you should keep vaping or not, but it will keep you clicking on links and help Google earn lots more advertising revenue.

Google: How vaping might save you, if it doesn’t kill you.


You can thank us later: First we tell you how to stop smoking (maybe)...

...and then we tell you how to get rich (definitely).

Some things are a sure bet, like gravity.

Other things are debatable, and it can be hard to know what’s really true.

Often when I’m not sure what to believe, I just do a Google Search:

And then I laugh when I see how screwed up just the first page of results are, from over 90 million total results.

Of course I’m confused. Everyone is confused.

After all, just from the first page of this Google search we learn that e-cigs are either a powerful tool that will help you quit smoking or they’re an evil plot designed to get you to smoke more:

Not sure who to believe? Not sure who to trust? Not sure what to do?

Here’s our advice:

Take all that money you’ve been spending on cigarettes or vape pens, and use it to buy as many shares of Google stock as you can.

That’s what we’ve done, because we know that everytime Google serves us up a hot, steamy set of search results like these we’re going to spend hours going down a rabbit hole and clicking on link after link hoping to find the answer to our question.

And the longer we spend on those Google pages and the more links we click, the more revenue Google can generate.

So, while the impact of vaping on the human body might be debatable, Google’s ability make tons of money for its shareholders is not: