Thank you, “Sex and the City” and Alan Arkin.
By The Editors

Thank you, “Sex and the City” and Alan Arkin, for all your advice on love, sex and family planning.

Sex and the City.

I never saw one minute of it; did you?

But even though I never saw it, I’m pretty sure I benefited from it. I know from listening to women talk about it that it opened their eyes and minds about sex. Here at PM, as you know, we think more sex is better than less sex. Everyone should be more open-minded about sex, birth control and family planning.

I never saw it, I’m pretty sure I benefited from it.


A friend just reminded me there had been a Sex and the City episode all about abortion; to be honest, I can’t say he reminded me about the episode because I never saw it and never knew it existed until he brought it up. (I already told you I never saw the show.)

But as far as I can tell, the abortion episode makes a point: To really drive the point home, I am going to lean on Alan Arkin’s character in Little Miss Sunshine—which I absolutely did see and may go watch again as soon as I finish writing this post:

“Fuck a lot of women.”

So thank you, Alan Arkin, for some great advice. Here’s some additional, great advice from your friends at PM:

  • Before you fuck a lot of women, get a vasectomy.
  • Before you get a vasectomy, make a sperm deposit.
  • When you’re ready to have kids, make a sperm withdrawal.

You may end up in the middle of a bat-shit-crazy abortion plot of your own if you take Alan Arkin’s advice but not ours too—like this one from Sex in the City—and it’s not going to end well: