Google Hack: “How do I get low-cost life insurance?”
By The Editors

Maxwell Smart still lives on — if only as a Google search for millennials. This week's search: "How do I get low-cost life insurance?"

Google Hack: “How do I get low-cost life insurance?”


If you want to get smart on Google, not only should you know what to look for...

...but you also need to know the real value of what you find.

We love Google. We use it all the time. 

But we also understand that, like a phone in your shoe, it has certain limitations.  

After all, Google does about 3.8 million searches per minute for people around the globe. So while the results are almost always valid, often they’re not quite what you need

That’s why we’re here, with PM’s Weekly “Google-Hack” Column:

Before you check out how we rate the week’s search results below, here are our top two search results and four essential takeaways this Google search won’t tell you:

We’ve only got one site to recommend this week:

Compare Life Insurance Plans – New York Life

Almost all of the other sites in our search results were focused on selling you life insurance, rather than helping you understand which type of life insurance would be best for you.

And here are four essential things we think our Google search should have told us about shopping for life insurance (but didn’t):

  • Life insurance is complicated; before you can compare prices and plans you have to figure out which type of life insurance is right for you. Click to learn more.
  • When buying life insurance, you need to know who you are talking to – an insurance agent, an insurance broker, or a bot – because commission rates for each can vary wildly. Click to learn more.
  • Bundling life insurance with other coverage like auto or homeowner’s insurance through your current insurance provider might save you a lot of money. Click to learn more.
  • You’re going to get screwed if you don’t pay attention to advertiser disclosures. Click to learn more.


Here are some of our top results from this search, and what we think of them:

To find our more about our ratings, from to , click here.

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