Sexing it up a bit
By Guy Shepherd

Pull up a chair — but not too close! We're going to talk about sex.

Sexing it up a bit

I was sitting down with the Manager and talking about the Planned Man’s new year.   He suggested we should talk more about sex.   Mrs. Shepherd was in attendance and agreed.  Whom am I to argue with a consensus between my favorites.

My thinking is that if we want to have a deeper and truer conversation about sex that is best that its done without attribution.  Speaking truth about such matters, does not set you free.   I know some wise men and women on the subject and will reach out them and invite them to share their sexual insights.  It will happen under auspices of AnyManAmongUs.

I’m particularly interested in what present generation is thinking on sex.  I know my mind and experience, but I have not plumbed the depths of men and women presently on the make.   While human animal with a stiff dick is constant through time, circumstance and culture matter.  My son’s sexual marketplace is very different from the one that I came of age within.   Back in my day, the sexual revolution was a foot but the old ways of thinking were still strong.   Very much a mix of the old and the new, favoring of course the new.  The 90’s were a good time.

However, the 90’s were a long time ago and the logic of the sexual revolution is today is largely played out and undisputed.  Today, sex is decoupled from love and marriage.  From what I have been able to discern it not as  awesome as one would think it would be.   If you dropped a guy from the 90’s into this environment, he would be slaying it.  However, this present generation is the first generation that is having less sex their parents.  How is this the case in age with Tinder and Fan’s Only and the death of modesty?  Let’s figure out why.

We are interested in discussing sex across the lifespan. Hooking up, Dating, Marriage, Divorce, and Old Age in the age of hormone therapy and viagra.

If you have an observation to share, or question to raise for AnyManAmongUS consideration, send it to [email protected]