Planned Man’s Blurred Creation Story
By Guy Shepherd

Sometimes, a stiff drink and a clear head can coexist. That's when the plan for Planned Man took shape.

Planned Man’s Blurred Creation Story

Sometimes, a stiff drink and a clear head can coexist.

One evening, schmoozing and boozing with the great one, El Hefe Grande, at Valhalla, his Palm Beach compound, the plan for Planned Man took shape — a little under the influence, but something recognizable nonetheless.

We stepped outside the political rancor and had a cultural laugh.

We lamented the passing of Playboy—it turns out that neither of us were as devoted to reading the articles as we pretended at the time.

To understand the real focus of my fascination, check out my piece on Treats!  But I digress. But, in case you haven’t noticed, digression is a key component of Guy’s nature, as is talking in the third person.  I apologize for both of us.

Anyway, as I was saying pre-digression, our joint under-the-influence moment of clarity came around to the following observations about our all-too-human needs:

  1. We need us. A republic with  at least 165 million dicks ought to have at least one publicly-traded company aimed at entertaining and enlightening men—and those women who like men—about the pursuit and attainment of happiness.
  2. We need us to be healthy. Give expression to men’s health risks and interests.  It turns out, we need concern with that’s happening under the hood.
  3. We need to open up a bit.  Have a laugh.  Discover a series that is worth binging and having a drink over with a friend and discussing whether or not Jane Austen’s Elizabeths can really exist today, along with that über-chick on Yellowstone. Do they occur in nature or are they unicorns—unicorns with breasts?
  4. We need to solve men’s problems at scale by asking and employing folks to answer the questions that trip us up most often.

So that’s what we’re doing.