What If Whoopi Goldberg and Greg Gutfeld Were in Agreement?  
By Guy Shepherd

A man with an erection is open to female direction.   Women need to focus their attention at the beginning of mating and dating to make a difference at scale. Men can be led to do the right thing. “Flip the script with a little snip-snip?”

What If Whoopi Goldberg and Greg Gutfeld Were in Agreement?  


Freezer First,

Reversible Vasectomy Second

The World Changes Quickly

Republican voters have shown themselves to be more modern, equitable, and nuanced than Democrats – and their own Republican red state representatives – thought.

Evidence: Kansas, where a solid majority of red state denizens just delivered an upset by voting NO on an amendment to their state constitution that would allow the legislature to outlaw abortion even in the cases of rape and incest and where the life of the mother was at stake.

The authors of this amendment wanted to turn back the clock to a pre-Roe Kansas. Instead, they unintentionally demonstrated that there exists a deep vein in the general public of shared sanity and fairness – and a willingness to break party ranks and stand up against legislation contrary to where the American Mind is presently.

Can you flip the script with a little snip-snip?

What is the American Mind’s consensus thinking on abortion? That allowances must be made for rape, incest, and life of the mother; and that, beyond those exceptions, 15 weeks’ permission should be granted for an expectant mother to make the decision to terminate her pregnancy. Kansas legislators went too far. Thankfully, they were defeated by the collective wisdom of their own red-leaning electorate. Kudos to Kansas!

The second data point is more personal. On a recent show, Greg Gutfeld, the new king of late night TV, featured a piece that I wrote for The Spectator World  titled “The Coming Age of the Vasectomy.” I wrote it with Whoopi Goldberg and The View in mind.

I had no idea how the piece would be received. There I was, at 11 p.m., watching Gutfeld! in the company of my soon-to-be outlaws – whom I had just met a few hours earlier, to celebrate our kids’ engagement – telling them during the commercial breaks that I was promoting a pro-vasectomy movement. “What family is my son marrying into?” had to be going through their minds.

Gutfeld’s opening: “Can you flip the script with a little snip-snip? It might be the greatest idea in history: reversible vasectomies as a new form of male birth control.” He followed that up with a readout from the article itself: “The best birth control plan for a young man and society is for him to harvest his youngest and best swimmers as early as possible, put them in a freezer under lock and key, and then get a vasectomy. The end. No unwanted pregnancy, no need for an abortion, fewer deadbeat dads. VD maybe; baby never.”  

Gutfeld’s panel was pretty balanced. Three men (one gay) and two women. They all liked the idea. At the end of the segment, Greg volunteered Tyrus to be the movement’s spokesman, and Leslie Jordan to be its nurse. If there was a division within the panel, it was that Kat Timpf and Emily Compagno took issue with the most crucial point of my piece: That women need to play a leadership role in helping this potentially “greatest idea in history” get off the ground and go to scale.

Emily and Kat, I wish it was otherwise. I had learned a lot about my fellow men from my work promoting this idea – and it was not inspiring. Men could follow the argument and accept its logic, understand the short- and long-term benefits for them, their lovers, and society. But when asked if they would do it themselves, their attitude was, “I don’t want anyone touching my junk.”

Sadly, we don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell without organized and determined ladies to help leading the way. Ladies, you’ve got the power.

When I got mine last year from Dr. Doug Stein – aka the King of Reversal Vasectomy – I asked him what percentage of appointments for the procedure were made by female partners. His male receptionist said 60%. Men can be led to do the right thing.

This is why I was throwing a Hail Mary pass to ladies at The View – Whoopi specifically, giving it my Ted Danson best. Unless I get this idea in front of these ladies and persuade them and their audience of the need for female leadership, we will lose a real opportunity to address a sexual-responsibility imbalance between men and women.

A man with an erection is open to female direction.  

Women are politically organized. They have the political power on hand to bend the health-care and insurance-industrial complex to put this procedure within economic reach of all Americans – not just well off young men with mothers willing to pick up the freezer bill.

Women’s needs drive demand; women need to get sexually organized again. Women have a power over men that they have been under-utilizing for generations, thanks to the Pill and Roe. Men want women sexually much more than women want men; so much so that they are willing jump through hoops to get it. A man with an erection is open to female direction.

Some women are already doing it, and it’s working. Women are “asking” for men to step up and get a reversible vasectomy as a sign of adjacent solidarity. Urologists are reporting that their businesses are experiencing a post-Roe bump. Most of those getting it are older guys who already had kids. And I am confident that a majority of them are not making their own appointments.

Women need to focus their attention at the beginning of mating and dating to make a difference at scale. If young women take our two-step approach as a requirement for sexual admission – freezer first, reversible vasectomy second – the world changes quickly and for the better.

What say you, Whoopi?

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