All Gain, Little-to-No Pain!
By Guy Shepherd

If pain is unexpected fatherhood, then a vasectomy is pure and permanent relief.

All Gain, Little-to-No Pain!


You'd think that getting a snip so close to home would be worrying..

But in fact, you could leave the doc's office saying, 'Hurts like a haircut!'

How much pain or discomfort should one expect following vasectomy?

Dr. Doug Stein has done more vasectomies than anyone.  The good doctor does four an hour and I was—by his tally—north of the 50,000.

To get a sense of how hard he works—and his follow up—witness a day-in-the-life of the world’s best Vasectomist. Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Stack’s 52-minute documentary follows the good Doc. on his quest to “save the planet one vasectomy at a time.” Stein takes his no-scalpel surgery monthly throughout Florida and on mission trips to the Philippines, Haiti, and Kenya.

Dr. Stein was kind enough to place it on Vimeo—and share the password (VAS2013) to unlock it for free. While we made it easy to access, check out Stein’s website—where you’ll also see compelling footage. If you are moved by it—and want to show the love—you can buy it and fuel the mission it serves.

During 104 consecutive follow-up calls on the day after their vasectomies, men were asked (1) if they had taken any non-prescription pain pills (Tylenol or ibuprofen), (2) how many times they had taken pain medication, and (3) whether they had taken the medication because they were uncomfortable or just as a precaution to prevent expected discomfort. (Note: All men had received a small packet of two Tylenol pills in their “goody bags” following their vasectomies.) Here are the results:


  • 45% of men took no pain medication following their vasectomies, not even the Tylenol that was provided. They had so little discomfort that they saw no need to take anything.
  • 15% of men took pain medication (the Tylenol that was provided or home supplies of ibuprofen) one time “just in case”, that is, as a precaution to prevent expected discomfort, not because they needed it.
  • 29% of men took pain medication one time for discomfort, then did not need any additional doses.
  • 11% of men took pain medication more than once (two or three times), though at least 4 % of those  said that they had taken it more to prevent expected pain than because they were actually having discomfort.
  • 0% of these men felt that they needed something stronger than Tylenol or ibuprofen.