When Jimmy Kimmel Was Funny
By The Editors

Once upon a time, Jimmy Kimmel actually had a sense of humor...

When Jimmy Kimmel Was Funny

It’s true. Jimmy Kimmel, late-night TV’s cup of warm milk, used to be amusing, back when he partnered (in the heterosexual sense) with Adam Corolla and hosted The Man Show.

The simple premise of the show: TV for men.

Get it? Stuff guys like to watch but women don’t. It was outrageous, funny and did not feature Joy Behar.

Every show ended by broadcasting women on trampolines, happily bouncing—as happy women often do.

Here’s a typical segment. Watch it before YouTube realizes it happened. Favorite moment: the bigmouth at 02:00 who tries to mansplain it all to some obviously intelligent Women’s Studies majors.