Bill Maher Defends Dave Chappelle: “Everyone Needs To Netflix And Chill The F*ck Out”
By The Editors

Maher said one can be "pro-Dave" and not anti-trans, citing a phenomenon he calls the "One True Opinion."

Bill Maher called the silliness following the Dave Chappelle stand-up special the “woke topic of the week” on Friday’s edition of his HBO show ‘Real Time.’ Maher said one can be “pro-Dave” and not anti-trans, citing a phenomenon he calls the “One True Opinion.”

“That’s what bothers me to begin with, I call it the One True Opinion,” Maher said. “There is the One True Opinion and – there isn’t. There isn’t just one true opinion. I’m a free-speech guy. Now, I’m Team Dave, but that doesn’t mean I am anti-trans. You can have two thoughts in your head at the same time.”

“Am I right about that?” Maher asked. “I hope.”

Maher also complained about how words no longer have meaning – he teased his closing monologue next week will be on the subject – citing the use of the word “transphobic.”

“Phobic has a meaning: fear,” Maher said. “I’m not transphobic if I merely disagree with you. It’s not hate.”

Maher quoted a reaction from a Netflix employee that said this is not an argument with two sides, it is one about whether people want trans people to be alive or not.

“Well that’s just ridiculous,” Maher said. “Dave Chappelle does not want you to not be alive.”

“You’re not automatically right if you’re trans,” Maher said. “You’re completely equal, you’re just not automatically right and it doesn’t behoove everybody to get their mind around very new changes.”

“We were boy and girl for a very long time,” Maher said of a quaint period. “It’s only been 10 years since how long have we had gay marriage?”

“Talking about the Democratic voter, I’m sure there is a guy in Ohio going, ‘I just got on board with gay marriage, could you give me a minute?’ This idea is that we’re not the gender that we were born is very new and very radical that you’re born and it’s just jump ball,” Maher joked.

“‘You have a penis, you could mean you’re a boy.'” Maher said. “That’s a very new idea. I’m not sure I’m down with all of it, and I don’t have to be.”

Maher cracked a joke in his monologue that everyone needs to “Netflix and chill the f*ck out.”