In life, “surrendering is not an option.”
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Odds may be against you ever overcoming the greatest hardships you have encountered, but this book, "The Fifteen Percent", will help you understand how to recognize and change those odds so they work in your favor.

In life, “surrendering is not an option.”


Terry Giles is a man of great experience, and you can profit from it!

Giles discovered there's a path to success and a path to failure. Most people head toward failure. You don't have to follow them.

Living with clarity beats losing with optimism.

Think things will improve? Only if you're willing to change.

Terry Giles is the author of The Fifteen Percent: Overcoming Hardship and Achieving Lasting Success.

Giles grew up poor in the Missouri Ozarks, but went on to build one of the largest criminal defense firms in the US, pivoted to defending the victims of child sex abuse, then to creating a plethora of business enterprises, and then even organizing a presidential campaign.

Giles knows why 15 percent of us will succeed, while 85 percent of us will not.

Through it all, he begins to understand why 15 percent of us overcome hardships to succeed, while 85 percent of us do not.

The book opens with Giles recounting interviews he did with victims of sex abuse for a trial against the Catholic Church. Those interviews were just one place where Giles began to notice the 15 percent pattern.

Most victims of sexual abuse continued to be traumatized by it for decades. But about 15 percent of the victims did their best to shrug it off and get on with their lives because…

“…surrendering to that awful childhood ordeal was simply not an option. To the extent the experience marked them – and of course it had to – it was in forcing them to harness the emotional resources to surmount it. It made them stronger.”

Whatever hardships you have encountered (and we’ve all faced them), the odds are 85-15 against you ever overcoming them, and that’s why we recommend Giles’ book. Odds are you’ll enjoy it.



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