The One Suit Every Man Should Own
By The Editors

Used to be, a guy would need three, or four or even seven suits. Today? Most of us will get by with just one for the rest of our lives. So what kind of suit should it be? Let us be your personal shopper for a few minutes, and we'll tell you everything you need to know.

The One Suit Every Man Should Own

Beware a man in a suit. Yes, a suit is the pinnacle of style and the easiest way to project seriousness, class, and authority. But suits as de rigueur are now rarer than ever in a post-Zoom, who-needs-pants professional world. Aside from weddings and funerals (particularly if you’re the guy in the box), any man standing before you in a suit probably wants your money. Lawyers. Congressmen. Preachers. Insurance salesmen. Go beyond that group and the list gets worse for you: Federal agents, homicide detectives, undertakers.

Even if the days of having seven suits hanging in your closet are gone for the majority of men, you still need one good one. 

In that spirit, here’s our ode to the dark gray suit. We respect the navy blue, of course, but charcoal truly goes anywhere, anytime it wants.

And you don’t have to take our word for it, because it turns out Don Draper prefers a gray suit too.

Bespoke Unit has an exhaustive guide to buying your first suit, down to the details most men would miss: 

–The fabric should be nine-ounce worsted wool, “the sweet spot that keeps you reasonably warm in the winter while still being breathable in the summer.”

–As you can see, choosing a suit that offers versatility is key. You can change the flavor with just about any accessory: shirts, ties, pocket squares, lapel flowers, cufflinks, belts, all the way down to shoes and socks:

Buy this…                                                           …not that.

–It’s always there for you. According to, you should keep your new suit on a quality wood (not plastic) hanger, hung in a canvas (not plastic) garment bag so it’s always ready for use and perfect in a pinch. Uncle’s sudden demise. A surprise job interview. A court date. You’ll look your best in 15 minutes or less.