Guy’s Covid Diary
By Guy Shepherd

Covid is karma: It not only goes around, eventually, it comes around, too. Before that happens to you, see how our Guy plans his defense.

Guy’s Covid Diary


Who is that masked man? Could be Tony Fauci...or it could be the Guy.

The difference: The Guy's super healthy and decades younger.

Who would have thought that Guy’s work and lifestyle would result in him finally getting Covid?  Shocked!  When I first started post this on December 19, I was in day six of it, and fortunately, I was feeling fine and was cleared before Christmas.

Who would have thought that Guy’s work and lifestyle would result in him finally getting Covid?  Shocked!

A buddy of mine got it as well.   I’m vaccinated; he is not.  He went to the Joe Rogan medical bag and got ivermectin and hydroxy.  I’m have happy to report that he too is doing well.

I have no regrets for taking the Covid vaccine, and I credit it with how mild my Covid has been.  Yesterday, I took an extra step and availed myself of getting a monoclonal, post-infection booster shot.  First, I would like to thank Gov. DeSantis for his leadership in bucking the “vaccine only”  public-health mantra, leading the nation in making this available at scale.  

As the Washington Post reports:

“In interviews, experts cited a federal government that has not done enough to promote monoclonal antibodies alongside vaccines; logistical issues that can make delivery of the drugs complicated and costly for medical facilities; and the difficulties the pandemic presents for providers of all kinds of medical care.”

“It is absolutely the standard of care for Covid-19,” says Erin McCreary at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, which has treated thousands of patients with monoclonal boosters.  “It is my hope that clinics know that.”

Getting it was easy and it was delivered to me in my home within 24 hours. Unlike a vaccine booster, a monoclonal booster actually floods the infected with antibodies at the time the immune system needs them to fight a breakthrough infection±for example, when a vaccine fails on its alfa promise of protecting you.

 It’s worth noting that my well-read, non-vaccinated friend not only thought it was a good idea to get it, he followed up to make sure that I got it.  He knows me.  Fortunately, DeSantis made it easy.   

I will wait until my test is clean and see if there are any adverse side affects with the monoclonal booster before I push “publish”.

UPDATE: Clean and healthy (bodywise, anyway).