Charlie Watts, Planned Man extraordinaire
By AnyManAmongUs

Charlie Watts kept time for his entire working life. It's a shame he had to go early...

Charlie Watts, Planned Man extraordinaire


The Roling Stones' drummer was our kind of guy.

He showed up, and honored his wife, his family and his job from start to finish.

Rolling Stones’ drummer, Charlie Watts, who died August 24, was a perfect model for Planned Men everywhere.

He was a perfect model for Planned Men everywhere.

Once he agreed to be the timekeeper for lunatics Keith, Mick and the others, he did what he promised to do: He showed up. And made all the difference. The others could go mad, but somebody had to keep a grip on the rational, insistent demands of time and rhythm. That’s what Charlie did.

As the New York Post reports, he did the same thing for Shirley Ann Shephard, his wife of 57 years: He did what he promised he would do. Again and again.

Charlie was a consummate professional, a guy who did his job well without pretense or grandstanding. He played drums the way a master plumber fixes sinks: flawlessly, confidently. He even dressed the part, just a hard-working guy doing his best work.

There’s a reason why this guy…

…who thinks about his job like this

…is not in this picture:

Eurovision 2016.