Welcome to the Charleston School of Celebrity
By The Editors

Actor Bill Murray has turned being a celebrity into an art-form full of pranks that deliver joy to others around him in his hometown of Charleston SC. And another local celebrity in Charleston named Bob shows how anyone can become a local celebrity.

Welcome to the Charleston School of Celebrity


Small pond life: Bill Murray and a guy named Bob...

...are the big fish in Charleston, SC. Their trick? They give stuff to people.

If you ever travel to Charleston, South Carolina, there’s a good chance you will encounter two very important local celebrities.

One is a guy named Bill Murray. Yes, that Bill Murray, the actor from Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters and Caddyshack.

And other is a guy named Bob, who has never made a movie in his life.

But both guys offers great lessons on why it’s smart to turn yourself into a local celebrity.

As you may know, Bill Murray is famous for sneaking up on people on the street and in restaurants and at airports and pulling practical jokes on them.

For instance he’s famous in Charleston, where he lives, for sneaking up behind people at restaurants while they are sitting alone at their table waiting for their companion to return from the bathroom, and he then reaches around and takes a bite of food like a handful of French fries from the person’s plate.

And when his victim spins around to see what the hell is going on and realizes its Bill Murray eating off their plate, Murray typically whispers his signature line into the victim’s ear: “No one will ever believe you…”

Which brings us to this other guy, Bob.

Bob is also famous in Charleston, even though he didn’t want to use his name here.

Bob is famous for his barbeque chicken, which he buys in bulk at Costco, cooks every day in his three smokers at his house as his signature dish, and then he makes surprise deliveries of the chicken in Styrofoam containers with “Bob’s Famous BBQ Chicken” hand-written on the top, to friends (new and old) all over town.

Both Bob and Bill are famous, although for very different things and in very different ways.

But both of them enjoy the same benefit of their fame. Both know that no matter where they go in Charleston, others are going to greet them with fondness, fellowship and delight.

Their reputations precede them.

And there’s a lesson here for the rest of us:

Bill Murray has made his pranks a signature move. Bob has made the delivery of his barbecued chicken his signature move.

Both Bob and Bill Murray use these signature moves to unselfishly delight others, and you can see in Bob and Bill Murray’s faces that when they delight others, it delights them.

Wouldn’t it be great to unselfishly share that kind of delight with others every day?

Wouldn’t it be great to walk down the street seeing delight in people’s faces the moment they spot you?

Wouldn’t it be great to walk down the street seeing delight in people’s faces the moment they spot you, because your reputation precedes you, in the same way?

The trick here is to develop your own signature move that you’ve designed specifically to delight others.

Both Bob and Bill Murray’s signature moves give clues as to how to do this; although Bob’s signature move may ultimately be more useful as a model since you probably have to already be famous like Bill Murray to get away with the kinds of pranks he pulls.

If you want to know more about Bill Murray’s infamous pranks, you’re not alone. Feel free watch the trailer below for a documentary film about Murray’s pranks, and see below for links to the film and and a book full of “Bill Murray Stories,” along with links to some of your favorite Bill Murray movies.

And if you want to meet Bob and try some of his “Famous Barbecue Chicken?”

The first thing you need to do is head to Charleston, then look for the smiling man walking down the street with a few styrofoam containers of chicken under his arms. That’ll be him.