“The Snickers Diet”?…sweet!
By The Editors

Snickers always satisfies, and how many things can you say the same about in life? Turns out one peanut-packed bar can trigger a flood of good eating and living possibilities. Spoiler alert: Seinfeld fans might have seen this coming a long time ago.

“The Snickers Diet”?…sweet!


The 'Snickers Diet' is an outlier, like the cheesecake diet and the banana split diet. Variety and moderation are key.

Or forget the variety thing. Because anything's a 'diet' if it's all you eat. Try the cotton candy diet. You'll turn pink and fluffy in no time.

Can a simple candy bar unlock the secrets to a healthy, longer, happier life?

Men’s Health magazine certainly thinks so, and their detailed breakdown of a Snickers bar makes so much sense that we’ve even started calling it “The Snickers Diet.”

Oh, and on Seinfeld they had their own quick take on it:

Some diets provoke mullets as a side-effect. See the guy in the checked shirt? Snicker, snicker. Anyway, you need to know that “The Snickers Diet” has its own approach to eating.

First point: Fistful of peanuts? Yeah. But there’s a smarter way to look at a Snickers bar – as a sum of parts. Peanuts are good for you. Chocolate can have positive benefits. All that sugar is lousy for you, though, and can even be addicting. The trans fats? Yeah, no.

Second point: Your new-found view of a Snickers bar can also be applied to the rest of your life — not as a fistful of this, and a fistful of that — but as a sum of parts. That Snickers you have your eye on is but one ingredient in a full day of eating, like this: 

Inherent in The Snickers Diet thinking is this simple truth: Moderation and variety mean everything.

  • Embrace the positives, like chemicals in chocolate that raise dopamine levels or healthy fats in peanuts. Or the fact that you only need to run 20 to 30 minutes to burn off the 296 calories in a regular Snickers bar.
  • Counteract the negatives like the sugar with other healthy choices like a whole fruit smoothie, beef stir fry, or a turkey/avocado sandwich later in the day.
  • Accept what you cannot change. Those trans fats? Well, we don’t like them either, but they’re not going away. So do you want the damn Snickers or not?
  • Inherent in The Snickers Diet thinking is this simple truth: Moderation and variety mean everything. Negative can be balanced by positive. Yin needs yang. Yum needs yuck. And you are not a suspect in a food police dragnet. This is the central tenet of “The Snickers Diet.” But you can also lose weight by eating nothing but Snickers. No moderation. No variety. That’s a diet, too. Try it. You will not feel guilty. Just a little chubby. Which, you know, can be a look.