An unexpected lesson from Tom Cruise
By The Editors

In "The Last Samurai," Tom Cruise learns a lesson after getting his butt kicked. We're here to offer you the lesson, minus the butt kicking.


'Too many-minded' — it's the lesson Tom Cruise's Nathan Algren learned the hard way.

But the hidden truth of the Samurai's no-mind lesson: It's not the same as 'mindless.'

There’s something refreshing about seeing Tom Cruise get his butt kicked in The Last Samurai because, hey, he’s crazy-rich, pretty-boy Tom Cruise.

But if you pay attention to this particular scene in the movie, you will find that you can also learn a great lesson alongside Tom, too.

It’s the “no mind” scene where Tom’s character, Nathan Algren, a Civil War hero-turned-mercenary, takes a beating in front of a small crowd while training with village warriors.

One warrior, the local warlord’s son, Nobutada, takes pity on Cruise’s character and explains:

“Algren-San. Please forgive me.

“Too many-minded. Mind sword, mind face, mind people watch, too many mind. 

“No mind.

“No sword. No people watch. No enemy. No mind.

Whether you’ve seen The Last Samurai or not, it’s worth watching the “no mind” scene while also keeping in mind the words of Samurai Miyamoto Musashi:

“Do nothing that is of no use.”